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This is morbidly hilarious

I couldn't stop laughing, me being morbid myself. A better version of the simpsons, because the real show sucks, in my opinion. Or at least it does now. My only problem is that this is too short. But very well put together.

I couldn't stop laughing!

The dad was such an ass! Loved this video :)

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I really like this one :)

Whoever gave you a 1 on this must've been baked or something. I like this one even more than your other song. I guess they gave you a 1 because it sounds more Techno than Hip Hop. But I like Techno so I like this song. I gave you a 5 btw :)

Raolew responds:

Sweet, but its a dirty sound in it, and you really have to mix it better for a cleaner sound...

Haha, i start to get worried, i cant separate the diffrent geners from each other... That sucks, and it colud be a problem. if you call your self Dj Date Raper and realize that alla your listners is 14 year old girls caus you do sweet pop beats insted of "Mad hardcore Hip hop tunes" that you thaught all the time...

I like it :)

I think you did a great job here. I like the Ambient/House feel. Only reason I voted 9 is because it repeats. But a lot of songs do. I'm guilty of doing it myself. lol. But this is a great song, I really like it. Respect :)

Raolew responds:

I agree, the problem when you make music is tahat you often fall in love with your own sound and donĀ“t have the strenth to kill your darlings... tha ambition is to make a cleaner hip hop/rap version and put in some vocals from a friend of mine that writes the moste amazing lyrics...

TNX for the review...

Very, Very Nice!

I actually have the soundtrack to the game and I've played it and beat it a couple of times. In my opinion, this is probably better than the original. No offense to any Chrono Trigger fans out there. I just love electronic music. :)

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